Welcome to the home page of the Philidor Institute

“It is only citizens with a sense of belonging to their own country who can become world citizens.” – Zoltán Kodály

Music and sports are two fields in cultural diplomacy that pose no language barriers and can bring nations closer together through addressing masses of people. Music and sports are also activities that reinforce national identities but respect other cultures.

Our goal is to contribute to the strengthening of the identities of new generations in Europe through the cultural implementation of the concept „a Europe of nations”, through the development of transferable methodology, and through the presentation and experience of Hungary’s music embedded in European culture.

Officially called the Philidor Institute – Civil European Non-profit Company for Sport and Music Diplomacy, our institute organises its own scientific research and cultural programmes that are aimed to promote Hungary’s international relations through presenting Hungary’s music and sport culture in a European context. Some of our activities are carried out in collaboration with the Hungarian FolkEmbassy, a band dedicated to cultural diplomacy through music.

Introducing music diplomacy in our region as a new scientific field is one of our priorities. Not less important is the function we perform for Fonó Music Hall, our strategic partner, as their foreign relations bureau tasked with the international level representation of the folk music and jazz heritage built up by Fonó Music Hall. While music diplomacy constitutes the main pillar of our institute, sport diplomacy adds to our portfolio in an area where music and sports, without language barriers, can create synergy through soft diplomacy and identity formation.

We deliver our activities and implement plans in collaboration with Hungarian and international civil society organisations of similar profiles, as well as with universities, scientific research groups, musicians, athletes, and top Hungarian state organisations responsible for these fields.